Governor Guillermo Padrés Elías

Guillermo Padrés Elías was born in Cananea, Sonora on June 29th 1969. Son of Miguel Padrés Durán from Cananea and Elizabeth Elías Bernal from Arizpe.

He has three brothers: Héctor Padrés Elías, currently devoted to livestock farming, Miguel Padrés Elías dedicated to the commercial activity and Julio Cesar Padrés Elías, who is a professional Cattle Rancher.

He is married to María Iveth Dagnino Acuña , who was born in Cananea and currently holds the position of Honorary Chair at Dif – Sonora.  They have five children: Guillermo, Jaime Alán, Nicole Elizabeth, Diego Amed and Erick Gerardo.

Academic background:

  • Elementary School: (1975-1982) Instituto Americano de Cananea
  • Junior-high School: (1982-1985) Federal High School Mártires de 1906.
  • High School: (1985-1988)  New Mexico Military Institute

He holds a Bachelor`s Degree in law and Master`s degree on Public Policies by the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

Likewise, a Master in Corporate Law by Universidad Humanitas from México City.

Profesional Activities

In Cananea, he participated in the National Chamber of Commerce where he became President and Treasurer for the Chamber of Commerce Federation in the State of Sonora.

He Is co-founder of Progreso por Sonora A.C. and big supporter of the programs “Ruta de la Salud por la Mujer” and “Compu- aula movil”.

Since a young age, he showed interest on helping his parents Family Business, and in 1988 he started his own company, which was dedicated to the retail of spare parts and tires; in his hometown.

Political activities:

Active member of the Political Party Accion Nacional. He has participated as a member of the State Board Committee and State Council, he as well has hold the charge of Secretary of Electoral Acts, Secretary of Governmental Acts and Director of Information and Political Analysis of the State. He was candidate for President of the State Board Committee, Campaign Coordinator for Governor of Ramon Corral Àvila and State Campaign Vice-coordinator of Vicente Fox.

Political job positions:

At an early age he showed his vocation to community service that motivated him to get involved in political activism and fight to strengthen citizenship participation and the country`s democracy.

At his 28 years he was candidate for the PAN political party for the local parliament of the State of Sonora, achieving contusive victory and being in this charge for the period from 1997 to 2000.

Back to the political competence in the year of 2000, he succeeds as federal delegate for the Second district.

Later on, he became sub delegate of SAGARPA in Sonora in the years from 2004 to 2005.

Further on, in the year of 2006, he participated in the dispute for the Republic Senate and he snatch to his closest competitor 411,000 votes, the made him the most voted political figure in the history of Sonora. In the Senate he hold the charge as President of the Committee of Justice and Hydraulics Resources, Coordinator of the Parliamentary group of PAN in electoral justice and member of the Parliamentary Latinamerican in the committee of Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Fishing. Moreover, he was the creator of the work group of the Integral Reform of Mexican Countryside the 1st of April of 2008.

Since the 13th of September of 2009, he is the Constitutional Governor of the State of Sonora.

Among the actions and projects with greater relevance, elaborated by his administration and which had strengthen his popularity, we can mention:  Tu Gobernador en tu Colonia, Sonora SI, and the free uniform program for all children studying at a public preschool, elementary and secondary level, as well as the construction of a CRIT building from the TELETON program on this Capital City , in benefit of thousands of Sonoran children.