Welcome to New Mexico

Governor Susana Martinez


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Welcome to the XXX Border Governors’ Conference website. As proud host of this important event in 2012, I am looking forward to a productive 30th Anniversary session that will further strengthen the ties of friendship, security, and economic prosperity among the 10 states that comprise our United States- Mexico border region.

The Border Governors’ Conference is one of the lead organizations in the development of policies affecting the United States of America and the Republic of Mexico. We cross the border every day to do business, go shopping, visit family members, or simply to enjoy each other’s tourism and culinary attractions. This results in 350 million crossings and almost $400 billion in trade each year, making us the most prosperous border region in the world.

We also share watersheds, wildlife, and historic and cultural ties, as well as many other common experiences that are discussed by the Border Governors’ Conference worktables. The efforts of the worktables are transformed into policy and actions that are implemented to improve the quality of life for all border dwellers, and to create economic opportunities for both countries.

For those of you who are visiting the Border Governors’ Conference website for the first time, I invite you to browse and learn more about the fascinating role that this organization has played in bringing the United States and Mexico closer over the past thirty years. For those of you who will be participating in this year’s event, here you will find the tools and guidance necessary to make your attendance successful while enjoying our beautiful Land of Enchantment.

In Albuquerque, you will experience the majestic and colorful hot air balloons that fill our skies during the annual International Balloon Fiesta. If you stay beyond the official conference, you will be able to participate in one of the largest balloon mass ascensions in the world. But make your reservations early, as all local hotels sell out during Balloon Fiesta weekends.

Welcome to New Mexico!

Susana Martinez